Hello, I’m Tiger or Haolin (昊林); you can pick the name you like more. I am an engineering student at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering. I obtained my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and I’m currently pursuing a M.S. in Computer Science. I am passionate about medicine, machine learning, and most importantly, integrating the two in the form of biomedical data science, medical image processing, and predictive modelling for personalised care.

Here are some of my current and past research projects:

To learn more about my experiences, please checkout my CV and portfolio. I occasionally blog on this website to share some new things I’m learning.

I used to play a lot of ice hockey, first for the New Zealand national junior team, then for China. Nowadays I play a lot of music, mostly on my Taylor 110ce.

Tiger playing guitar
Celebrasia 2020 at Northwestern University. Photo taken by Evan.